On-Premises Wireless Connectivity to Triple Amount of Mobilized Professionals

According to Strategy Analytics' "On-Premises Mobility: Is Wi-Fi Set to Dominate Business Connectivity Needs?" report, the amount of mobilized professionals will triple to 75 percent by 2008. In-building and on-campus mobility will be the catalyst to the mobility boom.

            "Public domain connectivity, enabled by 3G and hotspots, will continue to expand at a metered pace," David Kerr, vice president of Strategy Analytics Global Wireless Practice, said. "The mobilization of the workforce within the boundaries of the enterprise, however, holds the potential for a far more spectacular growth trajectory." Security remains the only obstacle to Wi-Fi's ( the 802.11b wireless standard) success, but the report's author said he thinks the industry will address vulnerabilities in security within the next 12 to 18 months.

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