Mozilla Announces Mobile Firefox "Fennec" Alpha Release

Mozilla has been credited for, in many ways, doing the impossible with its Firefox browser: it created a serious competitor to Internet Explorer. And, even though only about 20 percent of users use Firefox, the majority of industry analysts prefer it to IE. So, needless to say, news of a mobile Firefox browser is sure to generate some buzz. So is Fennec a home run or strikeout? (And, off-topic: Does the Fennec logo remind anyone else of "The Brain" in Pinky and the Brain?)

Unfortunately, I'm not able to test Fennec for myself, because only Windows Mobile 6–equipped phones can run the Alpha version. A beta release of Fennec is expected this summer (on touchscreen phones with Windows Mobile only), and then the full release (presumably with the same restrictions) is expected before the end of the year.

One of the most interesting things about Fennec is that the interface is entirely CSS-based, which Mozilla promises will make it very easy to make adjustments to the UI based on screen size and resolution. That makes sense to me.

Here's what Brandon Miniman from, who has had a chance to test Fennec, says:

"…though web browsing is still clunky, the overall experience is improved, and we're beginning to see some serious promise with the Add Ons section that lets you customize your browser, just as you would with the full version of the desktop."

Also, below is an overview of the alpha courtesy of Madhava Enros with Mozilla:

Fennec - alpha 1 for Windows Mobile from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

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