Mobile Gaming: Nokia N-Gage and Sony PSP

Nokia has stated that it is pleased with demand for N-Gage The price of the phone was temporarily cut by a third only two weeks after launch in two major retailers in the US, while UK retailers have offered N-Gage for as little as 1 pence!

'We are pretty pleased with the viral uptake from consumers and the feedback that we are getting, but we have a lot to do to make sure our expectations are in alignment' Nada Usina, general manager of Nokia's Entertainment and Media segment in North and South America, told Reuters. Usina also reiterated Nokia's forecast of sales of more than 6 million N-Gages by the end of 2004.

Sony Announce More Details for PSP
In related mobile news thats sure to scare Nintendo and Nokia. Sony Electronics has recently detailed plans to release an all-in-one handheld gaming device that includes a digital music and video player and could even act as mobile telephone. The $60 PSP is set to rival Apples iPod, Nokias N-Gage and Nintendo's Gameboys devices. A prototype will be available by the end of 2004 and will look similar to Nokia's N-Gage.

The "concept model" shown by Kutaragi, Sony's executive deputy president and head of its gaming business, was a one-piece device designed to be grasped in two hands, with a bright, color screen roughly 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) in diameter.

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