Manage the Complex Mobile Device Landscape with Zenprise

If you like Zenprise’s approach to Microsoft Exchange Server monitoring and management, it might be time to check out Zenprise MobileManager to assist with your mobile device management. This Zenprise product proactively finds and reports problems across your entire mobile platform, from servers to carriers to devices. The latest release adds the iPhone to its list of supported devices. With the mobile device landscape getting more complicated all the time and enterprise workers wanting to use the newest, trendiest devices, having a versatile troubleshooting tool could be invaluable.

Zenprise MobileManager monitors Exchange Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), WAN and LAN networks, wireless carriers, and the devices themselves for performance, connectivity, synchronization, and many other aspects. When MobileManager discovers a problem, you’ll receive detailed, step-by step instructions for a resolution, drawn from an extensive knowledge base of IT information and customized for your environment.

Zenprise MobileManager 4.1 introduces three new modules for mobile device management: Service Manager for monitoring and troubleshooting BlackBerry and iPhone performance and availability problems; Capacity Manager to aid with critical infrastructure planning; and Best Practice Manager, which analyzes your mobile infrastructure and provides best practice suggestions to improve performance, availability, and security for your environment. There’s also a web-based dashboard for Help desk employees and a self-help portal that end users can access to diagnose and resolve their own problems.

Zenprise MobileManager helps IT pros by reducing the complexity and cost of supporting mobile environments with multiple device types by automating typical support tasks. You can find more information on the Zenprise website. If you’re a baseball fan, you might want to check out the company’s case study about the Boston Red Sox. Zenprise has frequently been recognized in Windows IT Pro awards issues; see for example:

Windows IT Pro Editors' Best Awards: Mobile and Wireless Winners
Editor's Best: Messaging
Best of TechEd: Best Mobility Product

Zenprise has also been praised by our readers:

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