Griffin Technology has answered the prayers of iPod users who want to listen to music from their play lists on the radio. The company released a handy gadget called the iTrip that turns your iPod into an FM radio.

When you plug the 2.4" x .84" iTrip into the top of your iPod, you create a mini FM radio station. Pick the clearest radio station in your area, from 87.7 to 107.9MHz, and you can play your music through any FM radio within about ten feet of your iPod.

iPod users who can't use cassette adapters to listen to their play lists in the car will be especially tickled about the iTrip because it works with car radios. The iTrip is ideal for music on the go—it's the same length and width as the iPod, so the device is still compact. Plus, iPod powers the iTrip, so you don't need batteries and there's no power switch. The iTrip is available through Griffin Technology, an innovator of hardware and software products for the Mac market, for $35.

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