iPad Administration Using Rove Mobile Admin

Last year, Eric B. Rux reviewed Rove Mobile Admin, a product that lets you perform numerous IT administration tasks from your smartphone or tablet. 

Recently, Rove released Mobile Admin 6.1, which included enhancements such as:

  • a "bookmark" that you can place on lists in a variety of programs to alert you when changes occur
  • a Windows monitoring plug-in for easier access to basic admin information and functions
  • a native iPad client, meaning that in addition to BlackBerry and Android, IT pros can now easily administer Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, and a few dozen other programs straight from the iPad.

But will IT pros really be interested in administration from an iPad? Actually, according to Rove Director of Development Matt Moore, it's quickly becoming one of Rove customers' most popular choices.

And I can see the attraction here. In addition to being able to receive alerts on your phone or tablet while you're away from the office, imagine being able to walk along the floor of your office, and someone stops you with some type of bug. Rather than running back to your computer, IM'ing them and either administering the problem there or helping them put in a ticket, you can pull up Mobile Admin and either  submit a ticket for them there, or actually fix the problem right from your phone or tablet.

Below is a video showing how you can perform administrative tasks from the iPad. To learn more about what Mobile Admin is capable of, be sure to check our Eric B. Rux's review

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