Hold Virtual Meetings on Virtually Any Platform

Given the current economy, many companies are turning to virtual meetings via the web to save money while staying connected with coworkers, customers, and suppliers in different locations. RHUB's TurboMeeting appliance lets you hold web-based meetings without requiring the participants to download and install software. Anyone with a browser can join a web-based meeting. Participants' browsers can be on just about any platform, including Windows, Windows Mobile, Macintosh, iPhone, UNIX, and Linux.

With TurboMeeting, you can hold an unlimited number of meetings each month. "And there are no monthly service fees like those with hosted web conferencing solutions," said RHUB CEO Larry Dorie. Instead, you pay a one time purchase price (e.g., $995 for TurboMeeting 200, the most basic model).

TurboMeeting's web-based meetings are also more secure than hosted solutions, according to Dorie. Hosted solutions typically use meeting IDs and/or passwords to protect against uninvited guests. However, those meeting IDs and passwords are usually emailed to attendees before a meeting, which can compromise access security. With TurboMeeting, you can have more secure meetings because you can put the appliance behind a corporate firewall and control outsiders' access through IP addresses. For example, if you tell TurboMeeting that the meeting is an internal one, it will accept only those attendees who come from behind the corporate firewall or from the public IP addresses you specify.

Besides providing a more environmentally friendly way to hold meetings with people in different locations,TurboMeeting has been designed to be environmentally friendly in its power consumption. For example, TurboMeeting 200 consumes less than 5 watts, which is less than an LED nightlight. TurboMeeting 200 doesn't need to be in a server room and is noiseless (there's no fan), so you can put it just about anywhere.

In addition to offering the capability to hold web-based meetings, TurboMeeting provides three other web-based collaborative capabilities:

  • Web conferencing. In these interactive meetings, attendees using Windows PCs or Macs can interact with each other's desktops. Each attendee can be a presenter (show his or her screen) and/or a controller (control the presenter’s computer).
  • Remote desktop support for Windows PCs and Macs.
  • Access to remote unattended Windows PCs. With this capability, you can, for example, access your office PC from a laptop while traveling.

For more information about TurboMeeting's collaboration capabilities and the models available, go to the RHUB website.

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