Consumer-Electronics Products Top Holiday Gift-Giving

Nearly three-quarters of all US households say they are likely to purchase at least one consumer-electronics product as a gift this holiday season, according to the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA's) "10th Annual Holiday Purchase Patterns" survey. At least 71 percent of consumers expect they will visit electronics retailers this season and 31 percent are likely to purchase DVD players--the fastest-selling consumer-electronics product in history. Other probable hot items include digital cameras (with 24 percent of shoppers likely to buy this item); video game systems (20 percent); wireless phones (19 percent); MP3 players (16 percent); desktop, laptop, or notebook PCs (13 percent); and High-Definition Televisions (HDTVs) (12 percent). The average consumer will purchase approximately seven electronics products this holiday season, giving electronics sales a boost of 4 percent compared with 2002 holiday sales.

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