Boost Your Wireless Home Network

Linksys's new line of next-generation 802.11g products, Wireless-G with SpeedBooster, is a boon to the networked home. With "good neighbor" benefits that limit interference with nearby wireless networks and a load of security features, the SpeedBooster line turns wireless home networking up a notch.

What's the buzz about the SpeedBooster technology? The people at Lynksys say that SpeedBooster products increase network performance by up to 35 percent by minimizing overhead communication between data transmissions. Also, the router works in all 11 channels and is Wi-Fi certified. SpeedBooster products have interoperability with all standard-compliant 802.11b and 802.11g products—a plus because you can use them with other vendors' 802.11b- and 802.11g-compliant products you might already have. Additionally, the Wireless-G Router with SpeedBooster helps you secure your network as well as your family. The router includes Parental Control Service, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), SPI Firewall, and 802.1x Authentication and Authorization.

The SpeedBooster line is available worldwide and includes a router, notebook adapter, and PCI adapter. Estimated street prices are $129.99 for the router and $99.99 each for the notebook and PCI adapters.

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