VS.NET Tips n Tricks (Contd.2)

In continuation on tricks with VS.NET, here are a few more..

  1. Ctrl+Shift+B to Build
  2. Ctrl+F5 to Run
  3. F5 to Debug
  4. F8 to Cycle through build errors
  5. (Ctrl+K) + (Ctrl+H) to add a shortcut to the task list
  6. (Ctrl+Shift+Space) to bring up the intellisense suggestions window
  7. (Ctrl+-) to cycle through the code positions you visited and (Ctrl+Shift+-) to navigate in the opposite direction.
  8. Here are a few tips to work with necessary/useful windows in the visual studio IDE like Properties (F4), Solution Explorer (Ctrl+Alt+L), Output Window (Ctrl+Alt+O), Task List (Ctrl+Alt+K) etc.
    Right click on its title and choose Auto Hide to hide the features shown. The window will dock in whenever your mouse is not hovering over it.
  9. To add your own set of comment tokens (like the TODO comment token), Goto Tools->Options->Environment->Task List->Comment Tokens and make your changes.  You can change the priority appearance of each comment token too.

Hope these helps !!

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