Visual Studio .NET Updates Will Sync with Other Releases

Microsoft announced that it will start synchronizing updates to its Visual Studio .NET development tool with Windows OS and other product releases, beginning with the release of Windows .NET Server (Win.NET Server) later this year. The first Visual Studio .NET update, code-named Everett, will ship simultaneously with Win.NET Server and will feature support for Visual J#, the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (which will ship with Win.NET Server), and the final version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. Future Visual Studio .NET releases will sync with such products as SQL Server 2003(code-named Yukon), Microsoft Office 11, Windows Longhorn (the next Windows release) and other programmable products such as future releases of Windows CE .NET and the Pocket PC. A full roadmap through 2004 is available on the following Microsoft Web site: .

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