VB.NET: Compile And Use Icons Within Executables

Well, back from vacations ;-).
Before going back to hometown, I was working on an application which was supposed to be working silently as MSN Messenger does. But the icon for the application in the system tray was looking quite dull. I thought about making it animated.... And with that I didn't wanted to install the icon files separately.... i.e. I wanted to compile the icons with the executable only....
Well here is the function I used for animating the icon.....
For this you have to add the icons required for animation in the project and set the Build Action property as "Embedded Resource" in the properties of the icon(s).
After then Its just a matter of logic, On a timer, or condition you can change the icon by loading it from the assembly using the function below....
ntfCrawler is the Notification Icon I added for providing system tray accessibility.
Hope that will help
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