Taking Over OWA Forms With Your Custom Ones

Sometimes, you may wish to "Over-ride" the default forms for Outlook web Access. For instance, if you want all New "Postings" to include a CustomerID, you will want to override the form that is used for creating new threads.

This is very similiar to expanding the Exchange schema with custom schema extensions. I wont go into details on how to create a custom schema folder, inherit from the global schema folder, and pointing "data" folders to your custom schema folder. There are other tips in this site to help you with that.

To create a "form" registration, you simply need to create a data item in your custom schema folder of the content type: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:forms#registration
Once you do that, you need to set some properties that define "When" and "Where" to use this form instead of the OWA default form.

For our example, we want to over ride the "new posting" form. This occurs when a "Folder" receives a ?Cmd=newpost query string.

The code below will set the properties for our form registration data item to "filter" it to only be used on "new postings". You can change this code to discern when and how your form is used based on client OS, action, data item type, browser type, versions, etc. This example will work for all client OS's, all browsers, when a "new posting" is created. See the code below for ideas on "when" and "where" a form is used based on how you register it.

Once your data item is created, your data folders should now use your custom form for new postings. If it doesnt, right click on the form that does pop up and click REFRESH. Many times the HTML and the web form (at the client) are "cached" and need refreshing to get the lastest versions.

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