Whose Free DMV Monitoring Tool is Better?

If you've been paying attention to the free tools available on CodePlex (http://www.codeplex.com) - and I hope you HAVE been paying attention - then you know that the Tom Davidson of the famous SQLCAT team put out a nice SQL Server DMV monitoring tool way back in the day. (If you haven't already bookmarked the Microsoft SQL Server Customer Advisory Team's website, http://www.sqlcat.com, then you should do that too!) You can find Tom's tool at: http://sqldmvstats.codeplex.com/. I recently got word from my friend Raoul Illyes about his own take on this kind of technology posted to CodePlex at http://sqlstat2005.codeplex.com/. Raoul is one of the top consultants at Miracle A/S, one of Denmark indeed one of Europe's top database consultancies. (Miracle A/S is at http://www.miracleas.dk/). Raoul knows his stuff, so I'm certain that this tool is a strong value-add. What do you think? Try them both and post your feedback here! Cheers, -Kevin Twitter @KEKlin

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