U.S. Marketer.com Finds SQL Server 2000 a Match

U.S. Marketer.com has integrated SQL Server 2000 into its online marketplace, which matches marketing professionals with marketing service providers. The company is using new and improved SQL Server 2000 features, such as full-text search, to improve anonymity for its customers. “Before a response or request is marked valid and is made available for others to view, we run validation routines that utilize Full-Text Search to make sure keywords and certain patterns are not included within free text areas,” said Raheel Retiwalla, U.S. Marketer.com’s senior technology architect. “Using Full-Text Search makes the task of searching for patterns and keywords much faster and easier to implement. We’re also using indexed views on some data for faster retrieval.” The new Data Transformation Services (DTS) feature lets U.S. Marketer.com use a framework provided by DTS rather than building its own to manage its business rules. The DTS feature also allows running packages within packages. Microsoft will use U.S. Marketer.com’s successful implementation as a SQL Server 2000 case study.

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