Two SQL Server 2000 Gotchas

Microsoft has recently reported a couple of SQL Server 2000-related bugs to watch out for. First, if you’re upgrading from SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine to SQL Server 2000 Personal, Standard, or Enterprise edition, the upgrade process might not install all the client tools. If you select NO when SQL Server prompts you to install additional components, the process will install only the Server Network utility and the Service Manager. However, if you run setup again, select the upgrade option, and add all the components, the upgrade procedure installs all the other client tools except the Rebuild Master utility (Rebuildm.exe). To avoid the problem, select YES during the initial upgrade to install the additional components. To work around this problem, you can copy files that Microsoft provides on its Web site ( from the SQL Server 2000 CD to the program files folder on your local system drive, or you can install a new instance of SQL Server 2000, which installs all the tools in the folder. The second problem, Microsoft reports, is that “you cannot restore a backup of a system database (master, model, or msdb) on a server build that is different from the build on which the backup was originally preformed.” If you try such a restore, you’ll receive an error message. To work around this problem, you must first determine the build of both the server on which you performed the backup and the server to which you want to restore the backup. Microsoft provides two ways for you to determine the server build as well as the correct restore process for your particular server build. See for instructions about finding the server build and about the restore process.

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