Tip: Undocumented Trace Flags

Tip: Undocumented Trace Flags

Microsoft neglected to document three trace flags that might prove helpful when you're troubleshooting a particular database or trying to solve problems with starting SQL Server. The three trace flags, which Table A shows, exist in both SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, and you'll find some additional information about them at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q277/2/72.asp.

TABLE A: Undocumented Trace Flags
Trace Flag Function
T3607 Recovers no database. Skips automatic recovery (at startup) for all databases.
T3608 Recovers master database only. Skips automatic recovery (at startup) for all databases except the master database.
T3609 Skips the creation of the tempdb database at startup. Use this trace flag if the tempdb database is problematic or problems exist in the model database.
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