SQL Server Makes Strong Showing in List of Largest Databases

SQL Server databases run the world's second largest workload for transaction processing across all platforms, according to the 2003 Winter Corporation TopTen survey. SQL Server came in second only to a legacy CA-IDMS mainframe system in the survey by the independent consulting firm, which focuses on database scalability and enterprise data management. SQL Server also runs the world's largest workload for both transaction processing and decision support on Windows, with 4010 transactions per second (tps) and 167 concurrent in-flight queries, respectively. And the database platform claims the ninth largest workload for decision support for all environments. Verizon Communications' 5.3TB transaction-processing database, running on SQL Server 2000, was the largest transaction-processing database on the Windows platform and sixth in size for all environments. The survey also found that SQL Server runs all the world's largest workloads on Windows and runs 6 of the top 10 largest workloads for transaction processing in all environments. You can find the TopTen survey at


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