SQL Server 2005 Express Edition to Replace MSDE

To try to win over nonprofessional developers, Microsoft announced the release of stripped-down "Express” versions of some of the company's products, including a replacement for Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE). SQL Server Express Edition, which will be available free of charge is the evolution of MSDE 2000 in SQL Server 2005, it's a free, easy-to-use, and lightweight version of SQL Server 2005. The product aims to reduce the complexity of a typical database system by providing a simple but powerful development environment for building data-driven applications. Users can design schemas, add data, and query local databases inside the Visual Studio 2005 environment. Microsoft also announced Express-version programming tools, including Visual Web Developer Express Edition, Visual Basic Express Edition, and Visual C# Express Edition. Microsoft hasn't released pricing information for the developer tools yet, but industry experts expect the tools to cost around $50 each. The SQL Server Express Technical Preview is available for download at


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