Something old, something new...

I’m very interested to hear what you think about the new layout for the SQL Server Magazine website layout.  What do you think of it?  How does it help you better than the old look and feel?  You can give your feedback to me by responding to this article or by emailing me at [email protected].  You can also give the editors at SQLMag your feedback at  


There are several things that I really like about this new look and feel.  First, I like it that the SQL Server Magazine website is now a separate entity from the Windows IT Pro site.  Although I love the Windows IT Pro website, it’s a simple fact that the SQL Server community is unique and distinct from the Windows folks.


Second, I love the new layout.  It’s easy to find the latest articles.  The new Search toolbar makes it much easier to find information you’re interested in even if it’s from an old issue of the magazine from last summer.  Furthermore, all of the content areas are available via RSS feeds so you’ll always know about when the newest information is on-line.


Third, it’s not time to be modest.  Yes, the SQLMag blogs are right up there at the top of the website.  So you won’t have to spend much time drilling down to read the latest gossip I’ve overhead in the halls of SQL Server community.  As you know, I speak to many clients, MVPs, authors, PASS leadership, Microsoft program managers and development managers every day.  And I look forward to bringing you the latest scuttlebutt as often as I can (as long as I’m not violating an NDA or breaking a personal trust).


Sure, there are lots of venues where you can get lots of useful information.  But here’s a venue where you can not only receive but contribute.  So seize the opportunity and tell us what you think!






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