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 The Solution to Large Quantities of Data

The Solution to Large Quantities of Data

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Every successful business scales and grows. As a result, so does its database. And as data grows, so do problems, including faulty customer entry, breakdowns in data migration, disparate upstream legacy, and big data systems. All of these problems lead to one thing: bad data. High-quality data is key to uncovering meaningful insights and new opportunities. Bad data, on the other hand, poses missed opportunities and bad decisions.

You don’t have to be misinformed due to bad data. In fact, you can have smart data that poses smart insights and opportunities. Melissa Data has recently released a new tool, Data Profiler, to help companies that are dealing with large quantities of data and need a full spectrum of solutions that work.

Data Profiler is made up of two modules:

Module 1: Discovery

An analysis of data before it is loaded into a data warehouse,  ensuring consistency in formatting as well as entry on all fields to avoid problems downstream.

Module 2: Monitoring

The continual analysis of warehoused data that ensures consistent data quality over time.

Data Profiler can be integrated in any place that data is streaming in or out and has the ability to assess the results of data quality efforts. Data Profiler is available as a data flow component for SSIS, as well as a multiplatform API for easy integration into your applications. From now until March 1, Melissa Data is offering 50% off on the Data Profiler. Sign-up for your free trial today, and say good-bye to bad data.

Natalia Crawford is a Copywriter/Content Marketer at Melissa Data where she manages all things social and digital.

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