Securing the Perimeter - 23 Oct 2003

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently discussed his company's ever-evolving plans to secure its users' systems at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2003 in New Orleans. Going forward, Ballmer pledged that Microsoft would reduce the size of patches, reduce the number of reboots that patches cause, introduce better patch-deployment automation, address the needs of legacy systems, provide more predictable patch schedules, and provide more guidance about securely deploying and managing Microsoft systems. That wasn't all Ballmer had to say, however. A growing feeling among security experts at the software giant is that a new strategy of better securing the edges of networks might ultimately better protect the numerous Windows systems found within those networks. This strategy, called "Securing the Perimeter," is now a core tenet of Microsoft's wider Trustworthy Computing initiative, and it will affect all IT administrators and decision makers who use Microsoft products. Read what Paul Thurrott has to say about this perimeter strategy in his Windows and .NET Perspectives column, "Securing the Perimeter," at

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