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The Scoop from SQL Server 2014 Beta Testers

SQL Server 2014 is expected to be generally available in the early part of 2014. Several major enhancements are anticipated in Microsoft's latest SQL Server release, which was originally announced in June 2013.

Probably the most anticipated new feature in SQL Server 2014 is the In-Memory OLTP engine (formerly code-named Hekaton). Designed to provide big performance boosts, many organizations are eager to have the enhanced ability to move selected tables into memory.

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Microsoft has compiled case studies from beta testers describing performance gains attributed to the latest version of SQL Server. Following is a brief overview of the experiences of four SQL Server 2014 early adopters.


bwin.party is a large online gaming company that has thousands of website visitors everyday placing bets on casino games, poker, and sports.

SQL Server 2014 Gains Experienced by bwin.party

Using in-memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014, bwin.party:

  • can support close to 20x the number of current site users
  • can ensure that players have a faster, better experience
  • is saving money and growing revenue

Check out a case study outlining bwin.party's experience with SQL Server 2014, "Gaming Site Can Scale to 250,000 Requests Per Second and Improve Player Experience."


Edgenet provides product information for both online and physical store suppliers and retailers. Edgenet discovered it could utilize an in-memory OLTP solution to eliminate read-write locks.

Benefits of SQL Server 2014 for Edgenet

With SQL Server in-memory technologies, Edgenet has:

  • gained real-time access to product data
  • faster throughput
  • better customer satisfaction
  • improved BI capabilities

Learn more by reading the case study, "Data Services Firm Gains Real-Time Access to Product Data with In-Memory Technology."

SBI Liquidity Market

SBI Liquidity Market Company provides online services banks and securities firms and is an international leader in the foreign exchange (FX) market. To improve customer service and transaction processing, SBI Liquidity Market became interested in the In-Memory OLTP solution available with SQL Server 2014.

Positives SBI Liquidity Market Experienced Using SQL Server 2014

With a trading system based on SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP, SBI Liquidity is gaining:

  • faster performance
  • better scalability
  • improved support for global expansion

Want to learn more about SBI's experience? Visit "Leading Japanese Financial Firm Accelerates Trading Platform with In-Memory OLTP."


TPP, a software company that connects various healthcare organizations through IT solutions, adopted SQL Server 2014 to increase scalability and performance.

Benefits TPP Saw Using SQL Server 2014

Using in-memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014 in testing, TPP:

  • saw 7 times faster processing performance for SystmOne
  • the ability to scale to handle thousands of additional users
  • expects to save time and money by not having to create its own database system

Read more about TPP's experience using SQL Server 2014, "Clinical Software Easily Supports Thousands of New Users and Helps Doctors Save Lives."

Is SQL Server 2014 right for your organization?

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