From PDC 2008: ADXSTUDIO Supports SQL and the Cloud

At Microsoft PDC 2008, ADXSTUDIO announced support of Microsoft cloud services for their Web Content Management system and CRM Developer Toolkit products.

“Our strategy has always been to integrate tightly with new Microsoft technologies,” said Shan McArthur, VP of Technology for ADXSTUDIO. “We are continuing to demonstrate this at the PDC with support of LINQ, ADO.NET Data Services, Model View Controller (MVC), Live ID, Windows Azure™, SQL Data Services, and Dynamics CRM.”

“Cloud-based computing significantly lowers the barriers that developers face in building modern web applications, while at the same time eliminating the capital expenditures and lowering the operational expenses required to bring new web products to market,” said Doug Schneider, President of ADXSTUDIO. “We felt it was important for us to be early adopters of Microsoft’s cloud services so that our customers can realize these benefits while building modern websites on a strong content management platform.”

For more on cloud computing see Cloud Computing: How Will It Affect Corporate IT?".

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