PASS Summit 2014 Keynote Speakers

PASS Summit 2014 Keynote Speakers

The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) has announced the PASS Summit 2014 Day 2 keynote speaker, as well as the keynote speaker for the Women in Technology Luncheon in Seattle on November 6, 2014. 

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The speaker kick-starting the day on Thursday, Nov. 6 will be Dr. Rimma Nehme, a senior research engineer at the Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab, and she'll be presenting "Cloud Databases 101." In this keynote, Dr. Nehme will take attendees deep into the mechanics of data processing within the cloud, explaining her approach as a 'look under the covers':

"When talking about cloud databases, people often mean different things. Some may be referring to a pay-per-use service; others may be speaking about a specific piece of software. In this keynote, we will look under the covers of cloud databases and try to dispel some of the myths."

WIT Luncheon on Nov. 6

Also announced was the keynote speaker for the Women in Technology Luncheon, Kimberly Bryant. Bryant is the founder of Black Girls CODE (BGC), an international non-profit that supports and promotes the underrepresented female and African demographic within the technology industry in both the US and South Africa. During her keynote, Bryant will discuss founding BGC and take questions from the onsite audience and Twitter while the event is streamed live. Bryant is enthusiastic about the upcoming event:

"The motto of Black Girls CODE is 'Imagine. Build. Create.' I can't wait to share with the PASS WIT and data communities how we can all imagine a world where everyone is given the tools to succeed, and get even more data professionals involved in building ways for everyone to access information and create a new age of women and women of color in technology."

Keynote on Nov. 5

The keynote address at 8:15 am PT on Wednesday, November 5, will address, Evolving Microsoft’s Data Platform – The Journey to Cloud Continues presented by:

PASS Summit 2014 will be in Seattle, Washington from November 4-7, and is still open for registration on the PASS Summit 2014 website.

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