PASS Board of Director Nominations

The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) is now accepting nominations for candidates to the board of directors.  Each director holds their seat for two years.  The director positions are filled on a "staggered" basis, with half of the positions open for election each year.  PASS is looking for smart, hard-working volunteers who can think strategically and bring a diversity of thought to the table.

You can download a copy of the application directly from the home page of the PASS website at  Nominations (and self-nominations are a-okay) close on Wednesday, Sept 27th.  So what happens when a person applies to the board of directors of the largest, oldest, and most influential SQL Server community? 

First, nominations are received and processed by the PASS nominating committee.  (Don'tcha just love committees?)  The committee interviews the potential candidate, ensures that they meet all of the requirements, and makes a recommendation as to whether that person should be "sleighted".  Usually, but not always, the nominating committee puts forward one more candidate than the total number of slots that are open for the next year.

Next, sleighted candidates are put before the board of directors as a whole.  The sleight of candidates are either approved or disapproved by the board.  If disapproved, the sleight goes back to the nominating committee for fine tuning.  If approved, the sleight of candidates are prep'ed for the election process for the entire board.

Elections, of course, are run primarily in conjuntion with the big PASS Community Summit that occurs every fall.  Candidates for the board have the opportunity to campaign at the Summit and many of them work hard for their votes.  I haven't seen anyone at the Summit walking around wearing a sandwich board, but it could happen!

I hope you give some thought to giving back to your community.



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