Partnership Provides Database Management Solutions

An alliance between Embarcadero Technologies and Red Hat will let Embarcadero make its ER/Studio 4.0, Rapid SQL 5.5, and DBArtisan 5.1 database management solutions available to Red Hat Linux. The products offer complete database lifecycle support for design, development, and administration of critical applications and their underlying databases. “The Embarcadero solution is an important component for customers migrating to Red Hat Linux and looking for Web-database management answers,” says Michael Tiemann, Red Hat’s chief technology officer. “The DBArtisan product provides the missing link for database managers to migrate databases from one SQL environment to another and to optimize those databases as part of or after the migration.” As part of the partnership, Embarcadero solutions are currently available directly from Embarcadero or via the Marketplace ( under “database lifecycle management.”

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