New Products, November 2004


Get the Big Picture of Your IT Resources

Unisys announced the 3D-Visible Enterprise (3D-VE), a service initiative for helping customers make better decisions about their IT environments. Building on the success of the company's popular Database Solution Generator, Unisys designed 3D-VE to provide IT managers with a complete, visual representation of the inner workings of their organization. The service analyzes the components (or artifacts) of your business from a layered perspective, then associates those artifacts to create a 3D Blueprint. The Blueprint maps your business strategy, processes, applications, system flow, and infrastructure through every layer of your enterprise, then creates a virtual model of the enterprise. Managers can see how processes work together, the solutions for executing the processes, and the systems that solutions run on. This visibility lets managers see how decisions will affect the entire organization—before they make the decisions. For more information about 3D-Visible Enterprise, contact Unisys at 800-874-8647 extension 731 or 585-742-6865 extension 731, or visit


Analyze Your Web Business

Sane Solutions announced that its NetTracker eBusiness Edition has passed Microsoft's Certified for SQL Server 2000 test, which guarantees that the product meets Microsoft standards for compatibility with SQL Server 2000. The product is a Web-analytics solution designed for large businesses, heavily trafficked Web sites, or businesses that rely on the Internet for profits. NetTracker eBusiness Edition uses a SQL Server, Oracle, or IBM DB2 database to provide a scalable method for running business analytics. The product's open database schema gives users easy access to Web data warehouses and lets organizations extract Web data for integration with other business data through third-party business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), or contact management tools. Pricing for NetTracker eBusiness Edition licenses starts at $25,000, and you can download a free, fully functional evaluation copy from the vendor's Web site. Contact Sane Solutions at 800-407-3570 or 401-295-4809, or visit


Connect 64-Bit Databases Across the Enterprise

JNetDirect announced JDataConnect 3.0, a type 3 JDBC driver that lets developers connect Java applications to multiple ODBC databases, including SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and IBM DB2. The product's latest release includes an improved connection-pooling functionality and a native 64-bit JDataConnect server that lets Java applications access data in nearly any database. The product also provides security features such as SSL encryption and HTTP tunneling. Pricing for JDataConnect starts at $225 for a single license, and a free, fully functional trial version is available for download. Existing customers interested in upgrading to JDataConnect 3.0 can contact JNetDirect at [email protected] To purchase a new license or for more information, contact JNetDirect at 800-995-8534, 703-880-3800, or [email protected], or visit


Solve Database Migration Problems

WhiteTown Software announced WhiteTown Wizards, applications that convert outdated DBF files to Microsoft Access, SQL, XML, Microsoft Excel, HTML, or comma-separated value files. To convert DBF files, you simply select the source file you want to convert, and the wizard interface guides you through the steps of converting the file to the format you need. The wizards keep the original database structure, tables, and headers whenever possible. You can use the wizards to Web-enable your databases by converting them to HTML. And a special application is available for converting older DBF files to new DBF files while fixing their structure. WhiteTown Wizards are available individually for download. Each converter costs $19.95 for a single license. For more information, contact WhiteTown Software by voice mail at 38-067-9105301, by fax at 206-984-3919, or by email at [email protected], or visit


View Database Performance Metrics Over the Internet

Embarcadero announced Embarcadero Performance Center 1.9, software for managing data and database infrastructures. A server-based solution, Performance Center 1.9 lets DBAs monitor the health of databases from any computer that has Internet access, eliminating the need to install monitoring software on desktops. DBAs can use any standard Web browser to view the performance metrics of all the databases they're monitoring. In addition, the new Web client is fully integrated into Embarcadero DBArtisan, so Embarcadero customers can view performance problems from the familiar console of their database-administration tool. The product also provides OS support and analysis for UNIX and Linux systems without requiring the use of agents. Thus, DBAs can protect their SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, Oracle, and Sybase database systems by identifying problems on the database server machines. For pricing and other information, contact Embarcadero at 415-834-3131 or [email protected], or visit


Give Remote Users Realtime Database Access

SYWARE announced mEnable 2.0, software that lets users remotely access enterprise data in Sometimes Connected or Always Connected mode. The software provides interactive, realtime connections to any ODBC-enabled database residing on a corporate server, including all SQL Server versions and Microsoft Access, Sybase, and Oracle databases. Developers can create data-driven applications that wirelessly connect Windows, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices with corporate servers in one of two ways. In Sometimes Connected mode, when the network is available, users read from and write to the enterprise server. When the connection is lost, users work locally and synchronize with the database when the connection is restored. In Always Connected mode, users have continuous, realtime access to server data, enabling interaction with large, complex databases that are beyond the capability of a handheld device. The product uses a LAN, WAN, or Internet connection and TCP/IP. mEnable is available in three editions, and you need one runtime license for each wireless device the product runs on. Pricing starts at $499 for 10 runtime licenses plus a free mEnable software development kit (SDK); 100 mEnable runtime licenses plus the SDK cost $1999. For other pricing or information, contact SYWARE at 617-497-1300 or by email through the SYWARE Web site at


Build Better XML and ASP.NET Applications

Wrox Press announced two new books of interest to developers who create applications that work with SQL Server. Beginning XML, 3rd Edition by David Hunter, et al ($39.99) introduces you to XML, how it works, what technologies surround it, and how you can best use it in a variety of situations, from simple data transfer to using XML in Web pages. The new book builds on the strengths of the first two editions, adding material to reflect changes in the XML landscape. The text walks readers through specific applications and includes new case studies on XML. Database developers interested in the next release of ASP.NET, code-named Whidbey, can read about the product's new database features in Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 Databases Beta Preview by John Kaufman and Bradley Millington ($39.99). The book covers both Visual Basic .NET and C# coding for ASP.NET databases and focuses on solving business problems in a logical progression from connecting to a database to displaying data to changing data. Additional chapters go beyond the basic techniques to discuss best practices and the variations and pitfalls that occur in real business situations. You can purchase these books through your local bookstore or by contacting Wrox Press at 800-225-5945 (800-567-4797 in Canada) or at

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