New Products, May 2005


Centralize Backup Server Management

VERITAS Software announced Backup Exec 10.0 for Windows Servers, software that lets you simplify and centralize management of your backup servers through a single console. As part of the company's new integrated Backup Exec Suite, Backup Exec now integrates with VERITAS Replication Exec 3.1, which lets you replicate data from remote offices to a central location without adding hardware, and VERITAS Storage Exec 5.3, which uses quota management and file blocking to improve backup and restore times and help users manage and clean up their own storage. The Backup Exec Suite provides small to midsized businesses with the means to use replication to protect data without disrupting normal server operations. In addition, customers can choose an Advanced Disk-Based Backup Option, which significantly speeds restore times. Advanced Disk-Based Backup employs two new features, synthetic backup and off-host backup. Synthetic backup combines incremental backups into a synthetic full backup, which speeds data restores with minimal network bandwidth. Off-host backup automatically shifts the backup of data snapshots to alternate storage systems. The latest release of Backup Exec also features simplified management features and expanded platform support for Linux and UNIX servers. Pricing of VERITAS products starts at $895 for Backup Exec 10.0, $1495 for Replicator Exec, and $795 for Storage Exec. The Backup Exec Suite, which includes all three products and one full year of technical support, starts at $4280. For more information, contact VERITAS at 800-327-2232, 650-527-2908, or






Get Guaranteed One-Button Failover

MessageOne announced OneSwitch, an automated replication and failover service that manages enterprise application availability with the push of just one button. The product's dashboard console gives users a centralized view of SQL Server, Exchange, and other Windows applications. The dashboard contains the controls to initiate failover and failback with one switch, remotely from any location. In 15 minutes or less, the product lets companies recover from outages and resume access to their applications. Customers use their own failover infrastructure, deploying primary and remote secondary servers. Then, MessageOne provides the dashboard control, which automates realtime data replication and point-in-time snapshot archiving. The service continually monitors both the primary and secondary servers to be sure data is always ready. If any problem occurs, the customer receives immediate notification. When a failover is required, the customer can initiate it from anywhere, and application availability is restored in 15 minutes or less. You can take advantage of the failover service anytime, which makes it easy to test your recovery readiness or provide application availability during planned maintenance. Pricing for OneSwitch starts at $300 per server pair per month. For more information, contact MessageOne at 888-367-0777, 512-652-4500, [email protected], or






Manage Diverse Data-Integration Requirements

Sunopsis announced Sunopsis Integration Suite, a comprehensive data- and application-integration solution. The suite gives companies an easy way to access, integrate, and manage data from business-critical applications running on a range of platforms, including all SQL Server releases, Oracle, and IBM DB2. The solution comprises four products that you can purchase separately or as a suite. Sunopsis ETL provides batch data movement and lets you load data warehouses and replicate and migrate databases. The product generates native SQL code for each source and target relational database and orchestrates the execution of those statements by using an Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT) approach in which transformations are performed as close as possible to the data. Sunopsis ActiveData is an application-integration environment that lets you bidirectionally replicate all data from production applications into a centralized database called the Active Data Hub. The Active Data Hub is a persistent repository for enterprise data and propagates updates to the production applications. You can use the hub for multiple tasks, including loading your data warehouse and as a repository for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). Sunopsis DataBus is an inter-application bus that provides event-oriented integration. The DataBus exchanges data between applications by transforming messages and routing them based on their content. Sunopsis DataServices exposes enterprise data as Web Services, building a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) on any database, independent of the applications using the database. The complete Sunopsis Integration Suite will be available by summer 2005, and pricing for the full suite starts at $35,000. For other information or questions about product availability, contact Sunopsis at 888-740-0300, 781-238-1770, [email protected], or






Get Data Integration for Small and Midsized Businesses

DB Software Laboratory announced Visual Importer Pro 6.5.5, a comprehensive data-integration tool that lets you perform high-speed data transfers from text files and ODBC source databases into SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, Oracle, or ODBC target databases. The application combines ETL and design capabilities in one environment to simplify the creation and deployment of complex data warehouses and marts. Along with simple record transfer within one system, the product allows for cross-system data extraction and loading, which you can streamline by using calculations for data formatting, concatenations, and loading cross and pivot tables. The product also supports loading of multiple files. The product's simple interface requires no specialized programming or database-deployment skills; and because all stages of data processing are automated, the application eliminates the need for regular intervention and upkeep. The product's simplicity makes it especially suited for small businesses, schools, libraries, and other organizations that require simple, inexpensive integration solutions. Pricing for Visual Importer Pro 6.5.5 starts at $150 for a single-user license. Registered customers receive free updates and technical support. A free 30-day evaluation version is available at the vendor's Web site. For more information, contact DB Software Laboratory at [email protected] or






Deliver Crystal Reports on the Web

Business Objects announced Crystal Reports XI, a reporting solution that lets developers and other IT professionals design, manage, and deliver reports over the Internet and embed reporting in enterprise applications. The most recent Crystal Reports release includes new features that enable easier report design, simplify report maintenance, expand data access, and integrate with the Business Objects XI platform. Enhanced data drivers (including XML and JDBC drivers) make it easy to access nearly all data sources. The new release gives developers intuitive design tools to create reports. For example, developers can now preview reports in HTML before publishing them to the Web. An Intelligent Charting feature automatically evaluates data in a report and gives developers the most appropriate charting options for viewing that type of data. And a new report-management workbench lets developers organize reports and decide how to schedule, manage, distribute, and secure access to reports. End users, too, have more control over the reports they view. Developers can distribute report templates with drop-down menus (aka dynamic and cascading prompts) that let end users customize reports. Users can also get their reports in RTF format so that they can modify their own reports instead of requesting changes from IT. Pricing for Crystal Reports XI ranges from $495 to $595 per server. For complete pricing and other information, contact Business Objects at 866-681-3435, 604-681-3435, or






Boost Compliance with Realtime Security Auditing

Application Security announced AppRadar 2.0, realtime intrusion-detection and auditing software. The latest release enables a layered defense of crucial enterprise data that helps you guard against increasingly focused attacks on that data. The product gives you a way to establish controls on the applications that process sensitive information, as well as a means to review and enforce those controls, while still allowing customers, partners, and employees access to the data they need. AppRadar monitors traffic to and from crucial data at the application level and applies extensive security checks while delivering granular user and activity-base monitoring. As a result, AppRadar immediately detects application-level security exploits such as SQL injection and misuse such as a legitimate user attempting to steal credit-card data. New features of the product include network- and host-based sensors, built-in Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA policies, wizards for custom rule creation, and support for Oracle database platforms. A beta version of the product is currently available, and the product will be generally available in March. To obtain a beta copy or more information, contact Application Security at 866-927-7732 or


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