New Products, March 2004


Optimize SQL Execution Plans

O'Reilly announced SQL Tuning, a book by Dan Tow for people who know SQL and need to tune SQL or a database where SQL executes. The book examines how to find and interpret an SQL statement's execution plan, how to change SQL to get a specific alternative execution plan, and how to decide which execution plan a query should use. SQL Tuning explains a mathematically based diagramming method for deriving the most optimal execution plan for an SQL statement and includes techniques for tuning on SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2. The book costs $39.95. For more information, contact O'Reilly at 800-998-9938, 707-827-7000, or


Automate SQL Comparison and Synchronization

Red Gate Software announced the SQL Comparison and Synchronization Toolkit (SQL Toolkit) 3.0, software that lets you create programs to schedule the comparison and synchronization of your SQL databases and automate installation, replication, and verification tasks. The SQL Toolkit also lets you include database comparison and synchronization functionality in the applications you create. Red Gate used Microsoft .NET to recode the latest release of the SQL Toolkit, which is designed for use with Visual Studio .NET. The new release features improved Help files and tutorials and is significantly faster than previous releases. The SQL Toolkit works with SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing for single-user licenses starts at $890, and a free trial version is available. For more information about the product and other pricing options, contact Red Gate Software at


Simplify OLAP Cube Management

WINSIGHT announced XML Builder 2.0, a set of tools that let you automate management, deployment, and upgrades for entire OLAP databases or individual objects such as cubes, dimensions, calculated members, and roles. The tools include the MS Analysis Manager Wizard, which lets you generate XML definitions of OLAP structures; the Command-line tool, which lets you launch Analysis Services modifications; the MS Data Transformation Services Custom Task, which lets you integrate XML Builder scripts into your DTS packages; a retro-documentation feature, which lets you automatically generate HTML documentation of Analysis Services structures; and an extensible component that you can use with any COM-compliant language to integrate XML Builder into your applications. For pricing and further information, contact WINSIGHT at


Design SQL Databases

Datanamic announced DeZign for Databases 3.1, a database-modeling tool that uses an entity relationship diagram (ERD) to support entity-modeling techniques. The latest release supports views and index options and lets you export SQL Server comments on tables and columns to the SQL script. The new release also includes an improved logarithm for automatic relationship line posting. DeZign for Databases visually supports the layout of entities and relationships and automatically generates the most popular SQL and desktop databases. DeZign for Databases runs on Win32 platforms including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 and 3.5, and Windows 9x. The tool works with all SQL Server releases, Microsoft Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, and other SQL-based databases. DeZign for Databases 3.1 costs $229, and current users can download the update for free. For more information, contact Datanamic at [email protected], 31(0)-71-3410483, or

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