New Products, June 2004


Communicate BI Information

Hallmore Group announced Strategy, a Web-based business-intelligence (BI) application that lets decision makers communicate strategic information. The product lets users create visual representations of strategic objectives, cause-and-effect relationships, key performance indicators (KPIs), and initiatives. Users can then drill down to access detailed information. Because Strategy runs on a SQL Server 2000 or 7.0 platform, it provides users with the advantages of a multidimensional database. The product uses Data Transformation Services (DTS) to enable integration with various data sources, including worksheets and text files. Pricing for Strategy starts at $25,000 for 10 users. For information, contact Hallmore Group at [email protected] or

Make Faster, Smarter Business Decisions

ProClarity announced ProClarity for Reporting Services, analytic software that's integrated with SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. The software lets report authors create reports in Reporting Services without having to write complex MDX queries by hand. ProClarity provides an intuitive UI through which authors can create OLAP data sets and queries, and authors can use the Reporting Services XML Report Definition Language (RDL) to publish reports. ProClarity also gives report authors the ability to create new OLAP data sets or edit existing data sets for current reports. Report users can gain better understanding of their reports by using ProClarity to analyze their data—and they can do this without having to request new reports from IT. Because the software is designed specifically for use with Reporting Services, businesses don't have to invest in third-party reporting software. For pricing and more information, contact ProClarity at 208-344-1630 or


Compare Databases on Different Servers

AlfaAlfa Software announced SQL Server Comparison Tool 1.2, a Windows application that lets developers and systems administrators analyze, compare, and document SQL Server databases. The tool analyzes the structure of your SQL Server tables, procedures, functions, views, triggers, and relationships, then stores the comparison data in tables. You can display the comparison results in report format or export the results to HTML or CSV formats. The tool can analyze and compare databases that reside on different servers, making it useful for verifying the integrity of your backup and disaster-recovery databases. Because the tool is a read-only application, it can perform comprehensive analyses without changing the structure or contents of your data. SQL Server Comparison Tool 1.2 works with SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, and pricing starts at $99 for a single-user license. For multiuser discounts and other information, contact AlfaAlfa Software at 416-421-5395, [email protected], or


Manage Multiple Copies of Your Database

Best SoftTool announced SQLDBCompare 2.2, a schema comparison and synchronization tool that lets individuals and project teams manage multiple copies of the same SQL Server 2000 database. With SQLDBCompare, users can compare database structures and schemas for database objects such as tables, stored procedures, user-defined functions (UDFs), views, triggers, indexes, and constraints. Users can view the results at a high level or drill down to more detailed information. The tool is designed for use in organizations that have various database environments such as development, test, staging, and production or distributed SQL Server databases in which schema or code updates to each database can occur at different times. Pricing for SQLDB- Compare 2.2 starts at $279 for a 2-user license, and a 14-day trial version is available for download. Contact Best SoftTool at [email protected] or


Match SQL Schemas

BerryWare announced SQLMatcher 2.0, a schema comparison and synchronization tool for SQL Server 2000, 7.0, 6.5, and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE). The tool lets you compare SQL scripts, live databases, or any combination of scripts and databases, so that you can easily detect changes in remote databases or release-version scripts. The tool lets you compare database objects, not just text, so you can ignore irrelevant changes such as comment and white-space differences in stored procedures. When you're synchronizing entire database schemas, SQLMatcher analyzes dependencies and ensures that the transformation occurs in the correct sequence. SQLMatcher 2.0 costs $99. For more information, contact BerryWare at [email protected] or


Let End Users Generate Reports

LogiXML announced LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder 5.5, a Web-browser-based application that lets end users create their own custom reports. The product lets administrators control data availability, set roles and rights, and create usable business objects that end users can understand. Then, users can use the wizard interface to select preset data objects and create the reports they need. LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder works with ODBC- or OLE DB-compliant databases including SQL Server, MSDE, and Oracle and costs $7500 per server. For information, contact LogiXML at 888-564-4965, 703-748-0020, [email protected], or

Build Reports from Multiple Data Sources

9Rays.Net announced Report Sharp-Shooter 1.7, a report-building engine for .NET. The product lets you create complex reports from multiple data sources and features a variety of export options, including PDF, HTML, EMF, BMP, JPG, GIF, Excel, CSV, and TXT formats. You can use Report Sharp-Shooter to create bound and unbound reports that contain an unlimited number of master-detail relationships. The software is integrated with Visual Studio .NET and features support for the ADO.NET hierarchical data model. New features in the latest release include localization support, which lets you work in multiple languages, and a report wizard. Report Sharp-Shooter 1.7 works with all SQL Server releases, and pricing starts at $375 for the standard edition and $999 for the professional edition. For information and other pricing, contact 9Rays.Net at [email protected] or


Audit Database Security

IPLocks announced its Database Security Audit System (IPLocks-DSAS) 3.2, a software platform that automates the process of assessing and monitoring transaction-level data integrity. IPLocks-DSAD alerts key personnel to malicious acts, security-policy violations, data corruption, changes to database structural integrity, hidden viruses, and suspicious access or usage patterns. Designed for systems with high transaction volume, the software provides a non-intrusive system for vulnerability assessment and monitoring that you can implement in your existing infrastructure. The software supports heterogeneous and multiple-database environments and works with various platforms, including SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase. For more information and pricing, contact IPLocks at 408-383-7513 or


Guard Your Database

Guardium announced SQL Guard, a non-intrusive data-access-security appliance. SQL Guard delivers continuous visibility into all network-based access to distributed databases so that you can know who is accessing your data, what data they access, and when and how they access it. The patent-pending technology is content and context aware and is network based, so the product can offer a global network view from outside the database without degrading network, application, or database performance. SQL Guard automatically sends information about database access to security, auditing, and privacy staff in the form of customizable reports that those people can use to build better security and deter intrusions. SQL Guard works with SQL Server 2000, Oracle, and Sybase systems, and pricing for the product starts at $12,995. Contact Guardium at 877-487-9400, [email protected], or

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