New Products, December 2005


Automate Database Building and Deployment

Innovartis announced DB Ghost 4.0, software that automates the process of building and deploying SQL Server databases from any source-code control system. The software connects to a source-code control system and extracts the latest definitions of the database objects and lookup data.Then, the product uses these definitions to build and verify database code integrity and uses the verified code to compare and synchronize your target database and generate a change script. The DB Ghost toolset consists of a series of modules that you can plug into existing tools or combine as a bundled toolset at a discounted price. Pricing for DB Ghost Professional Edition, which includes Innovartis's Scripter, Builder, Schema Compare, and Data Compare, starts at $350. For complete module and pricing information, contact Innovartis at 44(0) 208-241-1762, [email protected], or


Make Database Comparisons a Snap

TulaSoft announced SQL Examiner 1.1, a software application that lets you compare and synchronize different database versions. The program highlights differences between two databases and lets you synchronizethem.A special convenience is that the product lets you compare live databases with backups without first performing a restore. Once you've compared the databases, the application generates a smart synchronization script that checks values and prompts you to enter new values when needed to avoid mistakes during synchronization.The latest release of the application was developed and tested with SQL Server 2005, so it's completely compatible with the upcoming release to manufacturing (RTM) of the new SQL Server version. SQL Examiner 1.1 costs $199.95, and a free trial version is available for download at the vendors website. For more information, contact TulaSoft at [email protected] or


Add 64-Bit Support to Your Encryption Library

ActiveCrypt announced XP_CRYPT 4, software that gives DBAs an effective, affordable, simple encryption tool for column and row data in SQL Server 2005, 2000, and 7.0 and MSDE databases.The product manages the entire key system, using server-side data encryption and decryption. XP_CRYPT supports four symmetric algorithms (AES, Triple DES, DESX, and RC4) and two asymmetric algorithms (RSA and DSA) for flexible encryption, depending on the task. The product's direct interface to encryption functions lets users build their own encryption features, including hashing functions, blocking, and stream ciphers. XP_CRYPT fully supports theWindows 64-bit platform; XP_CRYPT 64-Bit Edition supports up to 32GB of RAM and 16TB of virtual memory, enabling faster encryption of large data sets. For pricing or to download a free trial version, contact ActiveCrypt at [email protected] or http://www.activecrypt .com/products.html.


Add a Web Interface to Your SQL Server Database

XlineSoft announced ASPRunner Professional 3.2, an enterprise solution that Webenables corporate databases. The product creates sets of ASP pages to access and modify any ODBC data source, including SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, and MySQL databases. The product creates a wizard-like interface and templates that let DBAs perform database searches, data entry, andWeb-based reporting without writing code.The software simplifies database searches and reporting. The latest release of the product includes such enhancements as multilevel user permissions on tables and multilingual support of more than 20 languages. Pricing for ASPRunner Professional is $249 for a single copy, and a free 21-day evaluation version is available at the vendor's Web site. For more information or to download the product, contact XlineSoft at 888-290-6617, [email protected],or http://www.xline

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