New Products: Database Potential, X-IO, Find it EZ Software, and Vormetric

Database Potential Releases Secure Delivery Pack for SQL Server Reporting Services

Database Potential has released its Secure Delivery Pack for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Whereas SSRS ships with two types of deliveries for subscriptions (Email and Windows Fileshare), the Secure Delivery Pack includes three delivery types for increased security, manageability, and functionality. The three delivery types include Secure Email, Secure Windows Fileshare, and Secure FTP. Database Potential's Secure Delivery Pack is available immediately for $79.99. Visit Database Potential's website to learn more about Secure Delivery Pack.

X-IO Launches ISE Station X Enterprise Storage Solutions

X-IO announced its new ISE Station X series of enterprise storage solutions. The storage solutions leverage the company's Hyper ISE and ISE 2 Intelligent Storage Elements technologies. In addition, ISE Station X is offered in different base configurations, such as differing combinations of ISE-2 and Hyper ISE elements to help users achieve their storage goals. "ISE Station X meets increasing market demand for reductions in power, cooling, and floor space in data centers, while also responding to our customers' requests for an affordable and scalable way to manage large amounts of data," said Rick Nelson, vice president at X-IO. Visit X-IO's website to learn more information about ISE Station X.

Find it EZ Code Search Professional 4.1 Supports SQL Server

Find it EZ Software has released a new cloud edition of Find it EZ Code Search Professional 4.1. The enterprise software source code analysis tool searches relational databases, business intelligence (BI) reports, core programming languages, and documentation to provide users with a complete understanding of an application. In addition, Find it EZ Code Search Professional 4.1 supports SQL Server, SQL Azure, and SSRS. Pricing for Find it EZ Code Search Professional 4.1 starts at $199 for one license. Visit Find it EZ Software's web page for more information.

Vormetric Announces Security for Big Data Platforms

Vormetric has announced that Vormetric Encryption secures structured and unstructured information that's stored in Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB. Unlike relational databases, Big Data platforms lack basic security controls. Vormetric Encryption ensures that data in these platforms is protected against unauthorized disclosure and removes custodial risk associated with infrastructure providers and administrators. "Vormetric Data Security allows enterprises to implement and extract business value from Big Data deployments without sacrificing data security or violating privacy and regulatory compliance requirements," said Ashvin Kamaraju, vice president of product development and technology at Vormetric. Visit Vormetric's web page to learn more about Vormetric Encryption.

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