New Products - 28 May 2008

Check out new and improved SQL Server–related products from Fujitsu, NetPro, Confio, and Secerno.

Data Application Migration - Legacy VSAM to SQL Conversion

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation has released NeoData, an application that facilitates the migration of data from legacy mainframe applications to SQL Server. According to Fujitsu, NeoData allows virtual storage access method (VSAM) data systems to be transferred to SQL Server, thanks in part to a data mapping tool that troubleshoots VSAM to SQL migrations. Fujitsu claims that NeoData can resolve common migration issues, ranging from COBOL OCCURS clause issues and problems with multiple record formats. A management GUI streamlines the VSAM to SQL Server migration process, which Fujitsu says can help minimize the need to rewrite old COBOL code and helps get DBAs using legacy data in a SQL Server environment more quickly. For more information, contact Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation at [email protected] or visit

Training - SQL Server 2005 Instructional DVD

SQL Server Magazine Contributing Editor Kalen Delaney has announced the immediate availability of the first lesson of her SQL Server 2005 Internals, Architecture, and Tuning: Lesson 1 on DVD. According to Delaney, this instructional DVD includes more than two hours of training material drawn from her advanced SQL Server courses. Lesson 1 includes demonstrations of SQL Server features such as SQL Server 2005 Architecture, Dynamic Management Views and Functions, and SQL Server metadata. The Lesson 1 DVD costs $29 plus shipping, and discounts are available for bulk orders. For more information, visit

Auditing and Compliance - SQL Server Change Monitoring

NetPro Computing, Inc. has announced ChangeAuditor 4.5, the latest version of the vendor’s auditing and compliance product that now features a new SQL Server auditing module. This new module supports SQL Server 2005 and 2000, and introduces hundreds of new audit events for SQL database auditing. According to NetPro, this new release allows DBAs to configure security, auditing, and reporting features themselves, or they can rely on pre-defined reports and searches for the most common auditing and regulatory requirements. For more information, contact NetPro Computing at [email protected] or visit

Performance Monitoring - SQL Server Optimization

Improving the performance of SQL Server databases is the focus of Confio Software’s newly released Confio Igniter Suite PI for SQL Server. This new product provides agentless monitoring of SQL Server databases, and includes the Ignite Performance Warehouse, an architecture designed to facilitate the storage and analysis of performance data. Confio also touts the ability of the product to analyze and optimize end user wait states, which Confio says is one of the leading causes of slow database performance. For more information, contact Confio Software at [email protected] or visit

Security - Enterprise Database Protection

Secerno has released Secerno.SQL 2.1, an update to their enterprise database security management product. Secerno.SQL 2.1 allows administrators to create and enforce security policies for shared databases across the enterprise. DBAs can set access restrictions by date, location, and access method, and Secerno claims that the product “also uniquely controls individuals’ behavior whilst accessing \[the database\]”, all without the need to create elaborate policy settings. A new Direct Console Access Monitoring (DCAM) feature introduces enhanced auditing functionality and improved control and monitoring of privileged database users. For more information, contact Secerno at [email protected] or visit

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