New Products - 19 Apr 2007

Efficiently Execute Your Web Development and Analysis Tasks

IEWatch Software announced IEWatch Professional 4.5, a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) that helps you more efficiently perform your Web development and analysis tasks. IEWatch Professional lets you debug HTTP and HTTP Secure (HTTPS) traffic and analyze cookies and POST and GET information. You can use the software's filter and search capabilities to dissect the HTTP traffic related to Web analysis tracking code. The HTTP performance chart helps systems administrators analyze HTTP data and identify performance bottlenecks. Pricing for IEWatch Professional starts at $169 for a single-user license. For more information, contact IEWatch Software at

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Track Unauthorized Data-Access Attempts

RippleTech announced Informant 2.0, a database- and application-monitoring solution that provides an audit trail for all database activity and real-time alerting. Informant can monitor logins, logouts, and failed logon attempts and alert on unauthorized access and access to specific objects. Informant now includes a Webbased administration console that's remotely accessible. Other upgrades include rolebased access to reports, secure management of audit logs, and centralized reporting across all tier-one database servers. For more information, contact RippleTech at 866-739-8587 or

Real-Time Notification for Performance or Code Problems

AVIcode's .NET application-monitoring solution, Intercept Studio 4.0, provides operational monitoring that simultaneously monitors and delivers real-time notification of performance and code problems. The software's disconnected-monitoring capabilities enable monitoring and rootcause data collection on non-networked computers. Intercept Studio also collects and correlates key performance counters, provides computer-centric and application-centric views, and features on-the-fly configuration. Pricing for Intercept Studio is on a per-monitored computer basis and starts at $12,000 for a single monitoring console and server agent. For more information, contact AVIcode at 443-543-0030 or

View, Modify, Visualize, and Maintain Storage Resources

AquaFold announced updates to its database query and administration tool, Aqua Data Studio 6.0, which supports key database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL. This release features new database-administration tools for SQL Server that let you view, modify, visualize, and maintain storage resources while you manage users, roles, profiles, and database sessions. A new set of difference tools provides a quick look into the differences between two complete database schemas. You can view the differences between individual schema objects, files, directory structures, and SQL statements. Pricing for Aqua Data Studio starts at $399 for 1 to 20 licenses. For more information, contact AquaFold at

Red Gate Provides Easy Access to All Its Tools

Red Gate Software's new service, SQL Professional Toolbelt, gives you access to all of Red Gate's SQL Server tools—including SQL Compare Pro, SQL Packager, SQL Backup Pro, SQL Log Rescue, and SQL Dependency Tracker—through an annual subscription. The initial subscription, which offers 12 months of support and upgrades, costs $1995; subscription renewal is $995 per year. You can download a free trial of SQL Professional Toolbelt at Red Gate's Web site. For more information, contact Red Gate Software at

Monitor the Status of Your SQL Server Infrastructure

Pearl Knowledge Solutions announced SQLCentric 2.0.1, a Web-based monitoring and alerting solution for SQL Server 2005 that features a new Web report module along with in-depth details and trend analysis of the state of your SQL servers. With SQLCentric, you can monitor multiple instances for uptime, network connectivity, services status, cluster failover, memory status, job status, database status, blocked processes, and logged events. Pricing for SQLCentric starts at $995 for a 5-license kit. For more information, contact Pearl Knowledge Solutions at 917-499-7622 or

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