New Products - 18 Dec 2007

New Products - 18 Dec 2007

Learn the SQL Language
Head First SQL from O’Reilly Media is aimed at giving readers an introduction to the SQL language. Written by Lynn Beighley, Head First SQL explains how to organize information in tables, covers basic INSERT statements and SELECT queries, and delves into more intensive data management topics such as joins and transactions. O’Reilly Media claims that the Head First series relies on the “latest research in neurobiology, cognitive science, and learning theory” to offer a book filled with pictures, comics, real-world examples, puzzles, and other content to keep readers interested and engaged in the subject matter. Head First SQL is now available and retails for $44.99. For more information, contact O’Reilly Media at 707-827-7000 or visit

Database Automation
Simplify Database Operations
GridApp Systems has announced Clarity 4.0, the latest version of its database automation product. GridApp Systems claims that the automation features in the new release eliminate the need for DBAs to create and manage provisioning scripts. Clarity 4.0’s improved database management capabilities include centralized update delivery, advanced database recovery, and the ability to scale to support thousands of databases. Clarity 4.0 also includes more robust support for heterogeneous environments and provides a database server validation option based on industry best practices. For more information about Clarity 4.0, contact GridApp Systems at 646-452-4100 or visit

Database Deployment
Streamline Application Delivery
Automate database deployment with xSQL Builder, a new product from xSQL Software. Using xSQL Builder’s deployment feature, DBAs can create standalone executable packages of their database applications. These packages can be incorporated into a traditional setup and deployment process or deployed as separate applications. A set of custom C# code templates are included, and DBAs can create custom scripts that help facilitate database application deployment. Pricing for xSQL Builder starts at $499 per user. For more information, contact xSQL Software at 770-939-7117 or visit

Business Intelligence
Share and Publish Data Discovery and Analysis Information
Tableau Software’s new product, Tableau Server, makes it easy to analyze and discover corporate data. Users can create multiple views of data from various sources and then publish that information to Tableau Server. Other users can then view, sort, search, and comment on that information through a Web interface. If the underlying data changes, the information updates in real time. Users who publish information via Tableau Server can restrict access to that information to only approved users, and DBAs have additional controls that limit how the available information is shared and distributed. For more information, contact Tableau Software at 206-633-3400 or visit

Database Security
Encrypt and Protect Database Objects
Keeping your data secure is the goal of SQL CodeSecure 1.2.0, a database security product from SqlLabs. The software includes a full-featured auditing tool that keeps tabs on any changes made to a monitored database. SQL CodeSecure tracks access to data by IP address, and can also generate information about which users’ logins are responsible for changes, and when and how those changes were made. Valuable code and object definitions can be encrypted for extra security, while a rollback feature lets DBAs undo changes made to a database and return the environment to a secure state. Pricing for a single license starts at $175. For more information, contact SqlLabs at [email protected] or visit

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