MTI Awarded RAID Technology Patent

MTI Technology expanded its patent portfolio with a patent for RAID redundancy technology that offers greater fault tolerance and data integrity. U.S. Patent No. 5,956,524 was awarded to MTI for technology that creates redundancy data to an array of storage devices and regenerates the data from existing data correction codes. The invention synchronizes the data flow from multiple drives or buffers to create redundancy data when servicing write requests or for regenerating data on a drive or sector in case of drive failure. The result is a higher level of data integrity and fault tolerance for RAID systems. “This new patent reflects RAID storage technology design that has resulted in enterprise storage systems renowned for their high reliability and performance,” says Kevin J. Liebl, MTI marketing vice president. “MTI remains fully committed to continuing this tradition of designing and implementing the greatest advances in RAID technology.” MTI has obtained more than 40 patents for storage technology developed by the company and its affiliates since 1990.

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