Modeling Chess with SQL

SQL has many practical applications, but sometimes you can get bored with
customers, orders and order lines. It’s refreshing to occasionally use SQL
for less practical purposes; it can be fun, and also serve as a good exercise
in logic.
I covered such less practical uses of SQL in past articles, including:
Solve Sudoku Puzzles with T-SQL (InstantDoc #47752, November 2005)
Wake Up to T-SQL (InstantDoc #24139, April 2002)
In the Picture (InstantDoc #24425, May 2002)

Courtesy of Rex Richardson, I got acquainted with an article by David
Moloney about modeling Chess with SQL:
I find it a very interesting read, and if you appreciate SQL and logic, I have a
feeling you’d like it as well.
It’s the first article in a series, and I’m looking forward to read the planned


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