Microsoft Launches the SQL Server 2008 Experience

Yesterday, Microsoft launched its SQL Server 2008 Experience website. The more than 500 videos (available in 11 languages) on the website provide IT pros, developers, and decisions makers with information about SQL Server 2008’s data management and business intelligence features.

The videos on the SQL Server 2008 Experience website are divided into four groups: For IT Professionals, For Developers, For Decision Makers, and For Fun. The IT professional and developer videos are of interviews with the SQL Server Engineering team discussing SQL Server 2008’s functionality. The videos aimed at decision makers show how SQL Server 2008 customers are using the product. And the For Fun videos provide information about SQL Server 2008 in unique and funny ways. In addition to offering videos, the SQL Server 2008 Experience includes links to a trial version of SQL Server 2008, events in your area, and Microsoft partners.

So why did Microsoft launch a website dedicated to providing snippets of information about SQL Server 2008 via videos? According to Microsoft, “The launch of the SQL Server 2008 Experience kicks off a worldwide readiness outreach campaign that will reach over 350,000 customers, partners and community members through in-person events over the next year.  The SQL Server 2008 Experience will continue to be a resource for Microsoft’s global customers and partners as they prepare to upgrade and migrate to SQL Server 2008.”

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