Microsoft Announces Visio 2003

Microsoft announced that the beta version of Microsoft Office Visio 2003 will be available later this year. Visio 2003 features improved diagramming functions and libraries of shapes. Microsoft has also integrated Visio with XML to let the product integrate with back-end servers, databases, Web services, and other applications. And a new ActiveX control lets organizations and developers use Visio 2003 as a front-end tool for line-of-business applications or embed Visio in a custom solution, giving customers a flexible tool to meet a variety of diagramming needs.


Visio provides broad capabilities for graphing, mapping, and charting complex ideas. For example, SQL Server developers use Visio to diagram database models. Employees in technical fields use Visio because it provides a lower-cost alternative to high-end engineering tools such as CAD. In addition, many businesses use Visio as a business process management (BPM) tool. Visio's visual presentation helps decision makers analyze workflow and see how to streamline processes. You can sign up to participate in the Visio 2003 beta program on the Microsoft Office Beta Web site at .

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