Microsoft Acquires Stratature an MDM Software Provider

Microsoft, in an effort to accelerate their presence in the Master Data Management (MDM market) and compete with the likes of IBM, announced the acquisition of partner Stratature, a leading provider of MDM software. Microsoft plans deployment across the SQL Server, Business Intelligence (BI) and Microsoft Office SharePoint technology groups to deliver a unified Master Data Management solution. This strategy certainly makes a lot of sense in tying these products together for BI solutions. Microsoft plans to withdraw the current Stratature products from market once the acquisition is complete. The value of this acquisition will be determined by how well and how quickly the Statature software can be integrated into the Office System applications and servers.  With the current activity going on in the MDM space, it’ll be important for Microsoft to quickly integrate and continue development of the software.  Microsoft isn’t releasing any details on the integration plan. 

The goal of MDM is to allow organizations to define and link common data and data elements across diverse, and oftentimes unconnected, systems in the enterprise such as finance, operations, resource planning, reporting, and BI systems. It also defines the relationship of the data within the organization.  It will be crucial for Microsoft to support integration between systems outside of the Microsoft suite of tools, as well as within the Office System. You can find additional information on the FAQ page of the Statature website.

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