Melissa Data Launches Data Quality Tools for SQL Server 2012

Melissa Data Launches Data Quality Tools for SQL Server 2012

Melissa Data has expanded access to its data quality tools for all SQL Server 2012 editions through SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition's Data Quality Services. Melissa Data solutions include tools to profile, cleanse, verify, and match contact data such as address, name, phone, and email variables.

"Typically, basic matching and profiling have been available exclusively for Enterprise Edition users of Microsoft SQL Server," said Bud Walker, director of data quality solutions for Melissa Data. "...We offer the full spectrum of data quality—including advanced matching and deduping with our new MatchUp component—for all editions of SQL Server. MatchUp includes a full toolbox of general string fuzzy algorithms [that] leverages our 27 years of experience working with addresses and names to build sophisticated matching rules."

In addition, the suite includes several SSIS data quality transforms such as Contract Verification, SmartMover, and Global Address Verification transforms. For more information on SQL Server 2012, see "Get to Know SQL Server 2012's SQL Server Data Tools." Visit the Melissa Data's website to learn more about their data quality tools.

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