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I'm Curious. Did You Ever Use Google Wave?

Now that Google has announced that it's going to shut down their end-all, be-all collaboration tool known as Google Wave, some questions came up for me.  How many people A) simply ignored it, B) like me, tried it but quickly gave up, or C) tried it, liked it and used it?  I guess there might be other combinations, such as people who tried it liked it and then quickly gave up or people who ignored it but used it.  But let's keep the list to A, B, or C.

While we're talking collaboration, I'm also curious if any of you are avid SharePoint users or, like me, a grudging and somewhat inept user?  In other words, is SharePoint ripe for a strong competitor?  Or does the fact that it's practically free mean that it's unstoppable?  I look forward to reading your feedback both on Wave and SharePoint.

If you want to know my full views on the collapse of Wave, read my blog post here.

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