Idera Releases New Version of Idera Server Backup

Idera Releases New Version of Idera Server Backup

Idera has released a new version of its server backup solution, Idera Server Backup 5.0. Today's IT environment poses several different challenges that DBAs must consider when developing their backup and recovery strategy. Not only are cost and complexity factors for implementing a backup solution, but DBAs must also consider implications for complex multiplatform environments and dynamic data that requires more frequent backups. Idera Server Backup 5.0 addresses these challenges by providing an efficient and affordable solution that supports mixed environments.

In addition, Idera Server Backup 5.0 features an easy implementation process compared to other solutions in the market. According to Idera, the solution can be downloaded, configured, and installed in less than 30 minutes. No additional modules or training services are required to get started using Idera Server Backup 5.0.

Idera Server Backup
Idera Server BackupĀ 

Idera's Continuous Data Protection is integrated into Idera Server Backup 5.0 and leverages block level backup technology that identifies what portions of a hard disk need to be read for an incremental backup. This feature makes it possible for the backup to be performed with minimal load on production servers, and users can back up data as frequently as every 15 minutes.

The solution supports both Windows and Linux environments. In addition, the solution protects servers in virtual environments including VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen. It also provides support for Microsoft Exchange Server, MySQL, and SQL Server. Idera Server Backup is available at $20 per virtual machine backup and $200 per physical server backup. Volume discounts are available. Visit Idera's website to learn more or download a free trial. For more resources on SQL Server backup and recovery, see "SQL Server Essentials for Non-DBAs."

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