IdeaXchange: What It Means for SQL Server Pro

IdeaXchange: What It Means for SQL Server Pro

A user-first, user-generated content offering available to SQL Server Pro's readers

Imagine having a place to go to where database experts and professionals share insights and inspirations to build careers and exchange knowledge. Well, it's no longer just a pipe dream.

IdeaXchange is a user-first, user-generated content offering available to SQL Server Pro readers. It has one mission: create a vibrant new stream of content generated by SQL Server specific expert contributors who provoke and participate with our audiences through conversations, commenting, and interactive features. And it's now doing that—and more.

SQL Server Pro's IdeaXchange
Dedicated SQL Server Xperts

Take a look at the IdeaXchange page, and you'll find a list of our dedicated "Xperts." They each have their own page containing a few things: interactive features, a brief biography, and available articles. The latter two are self-explantory, so let's get into the former.

Here's where you and our Xperts connect. You can email them directly or follow them to find out what they've been up to (you can view your follow feed on your user profile page). SQL Server Pro stands out from its competitors by directly connecting readers with experts in the industry. Content and conversations will focus on industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Followers, Comments, Status

What's in it for the Xperts? Contributors are motivated by affiliation with our brand—and our audience. They'll be recognized by our readers for their numbers of followers, contributions, comments; and their status will displayed next to their comments and contributed content.

If you don't agree with a contributor, let them know by participating in the conversation. Users will need to register to comment, follow contributors, and create their own profiles. What are you waiting for? Start sharing insights and inspirations with IdeaXchange.

Interested in being a SQL Server Pro Xpert? Contact me!

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