IBM Provides Free DB2 Everywhere, Alliances Enhance Application Development

In an effort to bridge the e-business, Business Intelligence, and computing worlds, IBM Corp. announced DB2 Everywhere is generally available, with free downloading from the Web. In addition, alliances with Palm Computing and Puma Technology will help DB2 Universal Database developers create applications for hand-held devices quickly and easily. The new DB2 version delivers enterprise-computing power to a rapidly growing market of mobile workers who rely on hand-held computing devices and Personal Digital Assistants. "With DB2 Everywhere, we're putting this advanced database technology into the hands . of the fasting growing community of technology users-mobile professionals," says Janet Perna, IBM Software Solutions' data management general manager. "The ability to access mission-critical information via held-held devices and view the data in a customized, user-friendly manner is invaluable," says Brad Rowe, Puma Technology's president and CEO. Free DB2 Everywhere downloads are available at

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