L.E.A.P Think

How many original L.E.A.P. ideas are out there?

I read a lot. Ideas make me think. Considering and dissecting ideas from other people shape the way I think. The process refines my ideas and makes me a better person in countless ways. But the process of integrating ideas from other people into my own idea taxonomy has caused me to struggle when writing my L.E.A.P. blog.

I have a more than a dozen posts ½ written that are based on ‘something I read’. I’ll copy the URL and jot down a few notes about why I liked the idea. I think “I’ll come back and make it my own” when I have time. But then I get stuck. I write for a bit and then decide ‘nah, this feels like copying and I like the original writing better. Why bother unless I can make it amazing?”

Lately I feel differently. It’s occurred to me that most of the best ideas in the world with respect to wisdom, leadership, integrity, character, as well as personal and professional development(ie L.E.A.P. topics) have mostly already been written about and discussed.

My ideas have been formed on the shoulders of great, and sometimes not so great, thinkers who have come before me. I can still make them my own and integrate these ideas into my own life and businesses. I can share the original idea and how I’m trying to make it my own with you.

Moving forward I won’t feel awkward about leveraging URL’s and perhaps copious direct quotes from something I’ve read which has had an impact on me in some way. Please don’t think I’m being lazy. I’ll give credit to the original source. I’ll add my own spin. But I won’t feel a need to somehow make the original writing or idea better. I’m a better thinker than writer. My words don’t need to be perfect to make you think. I love to explore and share ideas. I hope you do as well.

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