Eshbel Integrates Maximal SQL Server Solution

Maximal Innovative Intelligence is integrating its Max Business Intelligence (BI) solution with Priority, Eshbel Technologies’ leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Maximal and Eshbel signed a licensing agreement that lets them work with Afek Engineering Projects to create an off-the-shelf BI solution for Priority users based on the Max BI solution. Max is Maximal’s data analysis solution for Microsoft SQL Sever 7.0 OLAP Services. Max gives Priority users an overview of data captured by the ERP system and lets them analyze the data using predefined or customized views. The Priority-integrated Max contains sales and purchasing cubes, cube-update application, Microsoft SQL Server, licenses for SQL Server and Max, and one day of installation and training. “With Max integrated with Priority, managers at any level can quickly see a summary of the information they need and then analyze it, all in a graphical way that doesn’t require training or special expertise in analysis or ERP,” says Efi Shaik, Eshbel’s marketing manager and partner.

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