Developer Days Can Help You See the Big Picture

Greetings, Do you design, develop, or have responsibility for SQL Server-based Web platforms? If you do, be sure to attend Microsoft Developer Days 2000, October 10 in a city near you (including many international locations).

Developer Days is an annual event. Historically, Microsoft has targeted the content to developers and Visual Studio experts, rather than "back-end" architects and managers. But this year's more inclusive event consists of separate tracks for developers and architects that cover using Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers to build WWW-enabled applications. (If you aren't familiar with the new .NET Server term, just think of Microsoft BackOffice branded under a different name. SQL Server 2000 is the first server product launched under the .NET moniker.)

The Developer Days program will revolve around SQL Server, BizTalk Server, and Commerce Server, with a few cool surprises during Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's opening and closing keynote addresses (delivered via live video feed). The program also will include a general session for all attendees.

Attending Developer Days will help you frame the "big picture." You'll learn how the .NET servers integrate with each other and how they position Microsoft in the Web-enabled enterprise space. Understanding the big picture is more important than ever, especially for architects. Do you understand how SQL Server integrates with Commerce Server's and BizTalk Server's Web capabilities? Probably not. But Microsoft promises to help. You'll get real bits of code and solid details that will give you a head start building your own solutions.

Last year, Developer Days sold out in many cites. So if you want to attend, check out the registration information soon. The Developer Days registration fee is $139, but Microsoft is running a two-for-one registration special that effectively cuts your cost in half if you can find a colleague to go with you. Plus, you'll get one of those yummy conference-style box lunches! What more could a SQL Server pro ask for? Register today.

On a separate note: MSDN subscribers can now download SQL Server 2000 from the subscriber Web site.

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