Deploying Flexible Self-Service Reports with SQL


Today it’s common for businesses to need to analyze data from many and disparate sources. This makes it challenging for the IT team to provide intelligence across incompatible systems and different formats. The job is further complicated when different systems show different data, and questions arise over what is accurate. And finally, different users need different levels of flexibility to work with their data.

Download this Whitepaper to learn:

  • How to address business users’ need for information while reducing load on the IT team
  • How to give your users live access to all the data they need without the worry of them overwriting it
  • The benefits of using a single reporting tool for multiple data sources
  • Best practices for understanding the needs of your users and deploying flexible, self-service business intelligence

In this whitepaper you’ll see how one IT team at a fast-growing company that serves a network of thousands of distributors provided their users with flexible, self-service business intelligence that resulted in reduced turn around time and improved accuracy for reports.

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